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KRS Lawyers office provides consulting services related to current activities of partnerships and companies. We have many years of experience in rendering legal and tax services to companies with both Polish and foreign capital. We give ongoing legal advice on, among other matters, company law, contract law, tax law, labor law, intellectual property rights and industrial and civil law, implementing solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, taking into account the dynamics of changes in the economic sphere.

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The service for companies provided by KRS Lawyers includes in particular:

Corporate services:

  • preparation of corporate documentation of the company, including changes in the statutes, company deeds, memoranda of association and regulations;
  • preparation of contracts and resolutions governing the relationship among partners, including the preparation and negotiation of joint venture agreements; development projects or consulting contracts with board members of companies (i.e. management contracts) and negotiation of these agreements on behalf of clients;
  • legal services of the companies’ statutory bodies: management board, supervisory board, meetings of shareholders/stockholders and general meetings including preparation of draft resolutions and protocols for managing, monitoring and control involving, i.a., resolutions on examining and approval of the financial statements for the previous financial year, acknowledging the fulfillment of duties or resolutions on profit distribution of the company. At the time of the meeting of shareholders/stockholders of the company, we provide services of a public notary;
  • consultancy in dissolving and liquidation of companies and developing of necessary documentation;
  • conducting comprehensive legal analyses (due diligence) of companies and their businesses and reporting the results of these studies,
  • conducting registration proceedings in the National Court Register;
  • consultancy in converting companies, in particular, companies with limited liability into joint-stock companies and partnerships into share-holding companies;
  • advising on mergers, sales and acquisitions, division of business entities, legal audits and development of necessary documentation;
  • advice on trading shares and stocks.
  • development of concept and restructuring of companies, including tax aspects, labor and regulatory issues and its implementation;
  • consultancy in bankruptcy proceedings leading to liquidation of bankrupt assets, as well as in the proceedings of the possibility of an arrangement with creditors;
  • assistance in implementation of remedial programs;
  • drafting legal opinions in the field of activity of the companies;
  • consultancy in the field of protection of rights and interests of companies and their partners/shareholders, assistance in resolving conflicts between partners/shareholders, including pre-litigation mediation and representation of clients in court disputes between partners/shareholders or between partners/shareholders and the company;
  • legal advice and preparation of all documentation for the protection of personal data, including the provision of electronic services, trade agreements, internal regulations, instructions and orders;
  • legal advice and preparation of registration applications to the General Inspector for Personal Data Protection and their current updates;
  • development and implementation of the system of corporate governance ensuring balance between the interests of all stakeholders of the company;
  • advice on choosing the best and most effective form of security, including the structure and the purpose of transactions, including project preparation, negotiation and verification of security documents (including liens, mortgages, transfers of rights as collateral, transfer of ownership, warranties, guarantees, payment subordination agreements, escrow accounts);
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Provision of contracts service:

  • preparing and issuing opinions on draft commercial contracts and general terms of sales and services as well as the representation of clients in negotiations of the agreements, both domestic and international;
  • advice on the selection of the optimal form of securing the performance of obligations arising from trade agreements;
  • preparation and negotiation of investment project agreements: construction contracts, contracts for design work, contracts with the Contract Engineer, concession contracts and supply contracts;
  • preparation and negotiation of civil contract projects, including agency, licensing agreements, trademark and inventive law, contracts for use of the image, as well as the so-called. innominate contracts;
  • supervising the proper execution of contracts;
  • consultancy in the field of civil law, including assistance in handling complaints;
  • participation in negotiations with the banks, business partners and other stakeholders by clients;

Support for labor law:

  • drafting and negotiating employment contracts or service contracts;
  • advice on hiring employees;
  • ongoing service of personnel matters;
  • preparation of work regulations, remunerations and other internal rules;
  • support the employment of foreigners;
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Debt collection:

  • preparation of requests for payment, claims, requests for protection of the debtor’s assets;
  • conducting arbitration proceedings and trials;
  • conducting enforcement proceedings related to debt collection in Poland and abroad, cooperation with bailiffs;

Tax services:

  • consultancy in tax risk management in the company including preparation of relevant structures, rules and instructions, requests for binding tax rulings;
  • preparation of tax opinions and tax analyses;
  • advising on tax optimization of commercial transactions;
  • analysis of tax aspects of mergers and acquisitions, including those for restructuring (splits, mergers, transfers in kind) run by clients and their tax optimization;
  • assistance and advice in dealing with tax authorities, including the course of controls, tax audits and fiscal inspections and tax proceedings;
  • filing complaints and representation of clients before the Provincial Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court;
  • issuing requests for interpretation of statistical classification to the President of Central Statistical Office;
  • development of tax efficient investment structures with the use of international tax regimes;
  • preparation of tax documentation, including transfer pricing documentation;

Dispute resolution:

  • representing clients in litigations before courts and the Supreme Court as well as before administrative courts;
  • conducting cases before regional accounting chambers;
  • representation before bodies conducting disciplinary proceedings;
  • conducting proceedings before administrative bodies, including assistance during the inspections carried out by the National Tax Administration, Social Security Institution and National Labor Inspectorate;
  • assistance in solving disputes out of court, mediations and participation in the arbitration proceedings;


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie


KRS Ceny transferowe lodz szkolenie